The Frost Place is a nonprofit educational center for poetry and the arts based at Robert Frost’s old homestead, which is owned by the town of Franconia, New Hampshire. The Frost Place was founded in 1976 when a group of neighbors persuaded the Franconia town meeting to approve the purchase of the farmhouse where Robert Frost and his family lived full-time from 1915 to 1920 and spent nineteen summers.

Since 1977, The Frost Place has awarded a fellowship each summer to an emerging American poet, including a cash stipend and the opportunity to live and write in the house for several months. In addition, The Frost Place has sponsored an annual Festival and Conference on Poetry, a Conference on Poetry and Teaching, and an Advanced Seminar on poetry.

To that end, The Frost Place’s Official Blog is a space for participants, teachers, guests, and poets affiliated with The Frost Place to interact with each other’s work. “Work” could mean new original poetry, lesson plans on teaching poetry, interviews with Frost Place poets–anything related to the educational mission of The Frost Place.


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