National Root Beer Float Day

Well, it seems only fair that, given yesterday was International Beer Day, equal time must be given to National Root Beer Float Day!

Frank. J. Wisner, the owner of Cripple Creek Brewing in Colorado, created the root beer float in August of 1893. Tradition tells us that the idea came to him when he thought that the snowy peaks of Cow Mountain resembled vanilla ice cream floating in soda. The next day, we are told, he combined root beer and vanilla ice cream and dubbed it a “Black Cow.”

This story, of course, is not really easy to prove, but it sure makes a fun trivia fact! And yes, this also brings me to the famous children’s verse that begins, “I never saw a purple cow…”

But I digress. It does make me wonder what would happen if we took grape soda and plopped vanilla ice cream in it…

Enjoy your ice cream float!


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