The Conference on Poetry and Teaching is Virtual Again This Summer at The Frost Place!

For over twenty years, teachers of all ages and in all stages of their practice have gathered at The Frost Place in Franconia, NH to work with poet-educators in the historic Henry Holt Barn for a week. Last summer, the conference pivoted to an online format, and will be online again this year as well.

The poets who will be working with teachers this summer include Conference on Poetry and Teaching Director Dawn Potter, Associate Director Kerrin McCadden, and guest instructors BJ Ward and Nathan McClain. They will be joined virtually by teachers and those who work in nontraditional settings from all over the United States and Canada, to spend a joyous and rejuvenating week working with each other in a collegial format on the strategies for teaching poets and poetry, and on their own writing as well.

Teresa Carson will also be joining us as this year’s facilitator for the Writing Intensive, bringing her care and attention to the work we all love.

As always, there is a nightly reading from the poets. These will be available to the general viewing public at no charge, but donations are gratefully accepted.

There are a few spaces left to fill in this year’s conference, which will begin on June 26th and run until June 30th. The Writing Intensive will begin immediate after the Conference and will run until July 1. For more information about the poets and the program and to apply, please visit The Frost Place online.

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