Happy Birthday, Alice Paul!

Born on January 11, 1885, Alice Paul was the main leader and strategist of the 1910s campaign for the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Paul also spent about fifty years as the leader of the National Woman’s Party, which fought for her Equal Rights Amendment to secure constitutional equality for women. Interestingly, this Amendment has still not been ratified, even after all this time.

A lot has been said about the role of women, especially women of color, in recent U.S. politics. It is due, in large part, to these bold women that came before us, that women today have a role and a voice in determining their own futures and, by extension, the direction that the nation may take as well.

The poem “We As Women” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman ends with,

The world needs strength and courage,

And wisdom to help and feed–

When, “We, as women” bring these to man,

We shall lift the world indeed.

Thank you to our fore-mothers! We are all the better for their efforts.

Photo: onthisday.com

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