Happy World Bee Day from The Frost Place!


Emily Dickinson’s 1755 poem “To Make a Prairie” states that in order to make a prairie, it takes “a clover and one bee…and revery,” and William Butler Yeats yearned for the “bee loud glade” in “The Lake Isle of Innisfree

And our own Robert Frost, in the poem “A Prayer in Spring,” calls us to think about apple blossom time when the speaker says,

Oh, give us pleasure in the orchard white,
Like nothing else by day, like ghosts by night;
And make us happy in the happy bees,
The swarm dilating round the perfect trees.


We need the bees and all other pollinators to not only ensure a beautiful landscape but also to provide food for human beings. One out of every three bites we take requires the assistance of bees! Practicing good stewardship through sustainable management of the grounds is a core tenet at The Frost Place. Executive Director Maudelle Driskell has been busy—with help of the human and four-footed assistants—clearing away winter-fallen branches and tidying up the grounds at The Frost Place. We’d like to invite you to walk the poetry trail and sit on the front porch to soak up all this lovely spring weather!

We hope to be able to open the museum soon—please check back frequently for updates on our delayed opening for the 2020 season.

Until then,

The Frost Place Staff

Photo credit: Maudelle Driskell, 5-19-20, The Frost Place

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