The Frost Place Celebrates International Museum Day 2020


The theme for International Museum Day 2020 is Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion. The Frost Place, begun in 1976, has always been dedicated to diversity and inclusion. The wide array of poets who have served as the yearly Dartmouth Poet in Residence attests to the fact that people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations have been well-represented ever since the program began. The writing conferences and readings held each year at The Frost Place have brought hundreds of notable poets to Franconia, and their gifts and knowledge have graced the Ridge every year.

Unfortunately, the start of the 2020 season at The Frost Place will be delayed due to the Covid-19 global pandemic while we await further information, governmental guidance, and recommendations from medical experts. Our opening day cannot be set yet, while government restrictions are still in force regarding working and gathering in groups to reduce the spread of the virus in our communities.

The trails on the property are open to the public, as long as strict precautions are taken and social distancing requirements are met. Visiting the front porch of the house and enjoying the gorgeous view is something that we welcome you to do as well.

Our writing programs have been moved to online platforms this year, which, while not what we are all used to, will provide a way for poets to work together and will allow poetry to “live in the air” as usual, honoring the work writers do and the need for community in these difficult times.

Please know, everyone’s safety is our primary concern. When we are able to open the museum for the public, we will make an announcement across all of our social media platforms.

You can follow our news and get information about our teachers’ and writers’ programs for the 2020 season on Facebook, Instagram, and of course, at our website. We hope to have “Frost in the Air” as soon as we are able to! Until then, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Please support the ongoing work and the mission of inclusivity and diversity, poetry and community at The Frost Place. You may donate to our programs and to the maintenance of the museum here.

The Frost Place is a nonprofit educational center for poetry and the arts based at Robert Frost’s old homestead, which is owned by the town of Franconia, New Hampshire. Donations are used to support and maintain the house and the programs.

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