Matthew Olzmann Poem Featured by Four Way Review

Matthew Olzmann’s poem, “Blake Griffin Dunks Over a Car” was featured by Four Way Review. The poem uses familiar metaphors like basketball and fish that eat plastic because they are fooled to explore the real unknowing that is central to the human condition. The speaker in the poem says,

“I want to believe

in the marvelous, not because it feels authentic,
but because the alternative

is a world where no one dons a cape to leap over buildings”

and that

“You can look for an explanation, but sometimes
there’s no wand to wave, no sorcery to make anything okay.”

The poem touches on essential truths in a deeply moving and accessible way. The rest of the poem can be found here.

Matthew Olzmann is the author of two collections of poems, Mezzanines and Contradictions in the Design, both from Alice James Books. His third book of poems, Constellation Route, is forthcoming in January 2022. He teaches at Dartmouth College and in the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College.


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