Winner of the 2019 Frost Place Fall Photo Contest Announced


Melanie Vann Gorman of Port St. Lucie, Florida is the winning photographer for the 2019 Frost Place Fall Photo Contest. Her winning image shows a pair of freshly picked Frost Place apples on the front porch of the house, with the sunlit view of the mountains in the background. This image will be used for a special run of postcards that will be available for purchase in the Museum gift shop starting in the spring of 2020. Mrs. Gorman will also receive a print of her photograph that is suitable for framing. About the day she took the photo, she writes:

“Bit of story on the photo. Great docent that day and [she] told us about Frost living there with his family, and how he loved the view from the porch of the valley and the White Mountains.  Then, we saw the apple tree in the back loaded with ripe apples, and we were told to take as many as we wanted. I went under the tree and remember thinking, ‘Wow, I need a ladder.’ I did manage to pick 2. Then we walked along the path through the woods out back with the wonderful poem markers along the way. I saw the ‘After Apple Picking’ one and thought it was so funny, as I had just been wanting a ladder to pick the apples. So, when we finished walking through the woods and went back out front, I thought I would just try to combine those various events – his porch, his view of the valley, and the apples. In order to get this perspective, I had to lay down on the porch.  A British couple arrived and they were concerned: ‘Are you all right?’ They thought I was in distress.”

Mrs. Gorman is married with three children and three grandchildren who have, as she says, “all endured the fun and games of a mom always with a camera in her hand, but [who] all clamor to see the pictures.” We all enjoyed her pictures as well. Again, congratulations to Melanie Vann Gorman! The Frost Place will be holding another contest in 2020, and we look forward to seeing what our guests see this year!

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