Dawn Potter Teaching for Monson Arts


Dawn Potter, Director of the Frost Place Conference on Poetry and Teaching, is part of a pilot arts program for local high school students in Monson, Maine. She and painter Alan Bray are each leading a cohort of roughly a dozen young people from six schools in rural central Maine. Some of the students travel over an hour to get to the arts center, so the schools and the students involved are very committed. Students work for a full day twice a month for the entire school year.

Potter and Bray have designed a program that allows them to approach the tasks and the students as practitioners of their respective arts; they are, in essence, mentoring and teaching the students how to be artists in their own right.

Monson Arts is a new arts center in the central Maine town of Monson, Maine. Its creation has been funded by the Libra Foundation, and Stuart Kestenbaum (formerly the executive director of Haystack, now Maine’s poet laureate) is the executive director. The main focus of Monson Arts is artist residencies. They try to maintain a balance between visual and literary artists.

For more information about the Monson Arts programs:

Monson Arts



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