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Frost Writes to His Daughter from Franconia

In this excerpted letter from 1919, a 45-year-old Frost writes to his daughter, who would have been 20 at the time and finishing up the year in school. This excerpt gives us insight into Frost as a family man, as he writes from from Franconia. He even mentions Streeter Pond (just down the road from The Frost Place).

Dear Lesley

The weather here makes it hard to believe you can be within three weeks of your summer vacation. I can hardly get it through my head that you are on the verge of examinations. The weather is only partly to blame for that however. You have said so little about anything but athletics and magazines lately that I had forgotten you were still studying and going to classes.
We have planted nothing except a few trees, some lettuce and radishes in a cold frame and a pound or two of onion sets. Carol fishes a good deal and the rest of the time works round with the hens. He and Wilfred caught two hundred perch, big ones, over in Streeter pond today. I think that is more fish than I have caught in my whole life.
I sent you a couple of poems a week ago. Suppose I send you one or two more with this.
I’ll have some more money somehow for you in a few days.



Frost, R., Sheehy, D. G., Richardson, M., & Faggen, R. (n.d.). The Letters of Robert Frost.

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