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Amy MacLennon, 2014 Conference on Poetry Participant, Publishes First Collection


Amy MacLennon Reading in Robert Frost’s Barn

Amy MacLennon’s first full-length collection The Body, A Tree was just published by MoonPath Press (Kingston, WA).

On the collection, Rebecca Foust, 2014 Dartmouth Poet in Residence at The Frost Place and winner of the Press 53 Prize for Poetry, writes:

“Opening in the aftermath of a breakup, this book moves through an entire calendar year of grief and recovery before closing with poems so sensuous and raw that it is possible to believe love’s pleasure is not merely worth but is also somehow deepened by its pain. At the book’s heart is the body that loves another body, suffers its absence, and lives to love again. In the last poem, the speaker lies in bed with a new lover, composing a cable that reads: “one of us will leave / I will remember my body / ached for you like no other stop.”  That “stop” ends the telegram and the book but is also a command to banish worry and allow the speaker to, as she has in all these deeply felt and sparely written poems, live in the tender, stung moment.”

Read more about Amy’s collection



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