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Check out “My Bedside Radio” by Anthony Cappo, Poetry Seminar Alumnus ’15


Anthony Cappo Reading at the 2015 Poetry Seminar

Congratulations to Anthony Cappo, alumnus of the 2015 Poetry Seminar, on his chapbook “My Bedside Radio”. Check it out at Deadly Chaps Press. Interested in the Poetry Seminar? Learn more.

“In My Bedside Radio, song lyrics lead Anthony Cappo back through his early years in a sequence of taut, associative poems rich with details both personal and historical. Within range of this poet’s thoughtful listening, no one is ever “just singing // a song.” Colored at times by longing and nostalgia, at others by wistfulness or regret, these moving poems show how the soundtracks of our lives enable us to stay connected to our early experiences and emotions, reminding us who we were—and ultimately who we are.”
—Matthew Thorburn, author of This Time Tomorrow and Green River in Spring

Anthony Cappo is the author of the chapbook, “My Bedside Radio” (Deadly Chaps Press, 2016).  His poems have appeared in Prelude, Connotation Press – An Online Artifact, Stone Highway Review, Pine Hills Review, Yes Poetry, and other publications. Anthony received his M.F.A in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College.  He grew up in South Jersey, but is a long-time resident of New York City.  More of his work can be found at


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