“Poetry and School” by Robert Frost #NationalPoetryMonth #NPM16


“Why poetry is in school more than it seems to be outside in the world, the children haven’t been told. They must wonder.


. . .

We go to college to be given one more chance to learn to read in case we haven’t learned in High School. Once we have learned to read the rest can be trusted to add itself unto us.

The way to read a poem in prose or verse is in the light of all the other poems ever written.

. . .

We write in school chiefly because to try our hand at writing should make us better readers.

Almost everyone should almost have experienced the fact that a poem is an idea caught fresh in the act of dawning.

Also that felicity can’t be fussed into existence.

Also that there is such a thing as having a moment. And that the great thing is to know a moment when you have one.”

Excerpts fromĀ Frost, R. (1995). Collected poems, prose & plays. New York: Library of America.

#NationalPoetryMonth #NPM16

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