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Podcast: Robert Frost’s Granddaughter Discusses New Book #NaPoMo #NPM16 #NationalPoetryMonth

Lesley Lee Francis

Lesley Lee Francis

Grace Cavalieri, host of “The Poet and the Poem” from the Library of Congress, talks to Lesley Ley Francis, granddaughter of Robert Frost, about her new book about her grandfather.

Listen to Audio Podcast (28:57 minutes)

LESLEY LEY FRANCIS is the granddaughter of Robert Frost. She received her A.B. degree from Radcliffe College and her Ph.D. in Romance Languages from Duke University. She became a professor of Spanish language, literature, and history at a number of colleges and universities and ran a summer program in Spain. Having retired from the professional staff of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) in Washington, D. C., she continues teaching and writing and helps organize the annual Frost Symposium. Dr. Francis has lectured and published extensively on her grandfather; her biographical study, Robert Frost: An  Adventure in Poetry, 1900-1918, is available in paperback (Transaction Publishers). Currently she lives in Arlington, VA; her three daughters and six grandchildren live nearby. Her new book, You Come Too: My Journey with Robert Frost (University of Virginia Press, 2015), is now available. Photograph by Paul Fetters

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