San Francisco: Don’t Miss Out on Valentine’s Weekend Readings by Ginger Murchison!


“[…]wondering if there were
sins we’d committed
since our last confession, then
at the top, out on the edge,
beyond the solid-ground world
parents live in, test life,
theirs and our own, up where
we are a hole in the sky,
wholly abandoned in the eyes-
shut, heart-stopped drop[…]”

from “Roller Coaster” in a scrap of linen, a bone (Press 53) by Ginger Murchison

To our friends in San Francisco—what could say “Valentine’s” more than poetry? Don’t miss out on readings this weekend by our own Ginger Murchison and other fabulous poets. Ginger will be reading poems from her new collection, a scrap of linen, a bone.

Thursday night, February 11, at 7:15 at WHY THERE ARE WORDS at Studio 333, 333 Caledonia St. in Sausalito. READ MORE…

Sunday, Feb. 14, VALENTINE’s DAY at 3:00 pm at POETRY FLASH at Diesel, A Bookstore, 5433 College Ave. in Oakland. READ MORE…


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