The Tucson Poetry Society Poetry Contest, 2015

The Tucson Poetry Society Poetry Contest, 2015.

This is a “split the pot poetry contest.” The winning poem will receive half the entry fees and the rest will go to the Tucson Poetry Society to fund expenses, scholarships, and in general supporting the arts.

The theme is The Southwest. Any style of poetry will be considered. $5 entry fee per poem.

Name, address, phone number, e-mail address on the cover sheet with a list the poems being submitted. (Title of each poem on the top of each page, no names on the entry poem.)
Submit poems with a 40 line limit per poem on one page.  Poems to be in English. Previously published poems accepted with credit given.

This contest is open to anyone living in the United States, or USA citizens stationed abroad.
No entries will be returned. Entries will be considered for possible publication. Permission will be requested if the Tucson Poetry Society decides to publish some of the submitted poems in a poetry book, or chapbook. Entries must be postmarked by June, 4, 2015. Winner announced on July 5th, 2015. Check to the winning entry will be mailed or delivered the next business day.

The Tucson Poetry Society is responsible for selecting the judges, and the judges will not be members of the Tucson Poetry Society. This is a fund raiser for the Tucson Poetry Society and will help their activities in supporting creative writers and poets, as well as supporting other artists. Good luck, and thank you for your participation.

Submit entries to:
Stuart Watkins, President
Tucson Poetry Society
36251 S. Golf Course Drive
Tucson, AZ 85739

The Tucson Poetry Society meets the first Saturday of each month unless notified otherwise.
University of Arizona Poetry Center
1508 E. Helen Street
Tucson, AZ 85721
10:10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
(all are welcome to attend)


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