Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions and Art: Poetic License Press

Poetic License Press is an affiliate of Poetic License, Inc.

authentic ~ accessible ~ engaging

PO Box 279, Glencoe, Il  60022 ~ ~

Call for Words and Art

A Midnight Snack

Call for words: Poems suitable for late night reading, no longer than 56 lines (including lines between stanzas) and no more than 60 characters (including spaces between words) per line.  Poems should be authentic, accessible, and engaging in keeping with the mission of Poetic License Press.

 Submit up to three poems by Word attachment to:

Call for art: Cover art related to theme.  

Submit up to three pieces of art by pdf or jpeg, to

Regarding line should read: Submission – A Midnight Snack.

E-mail cover letter should include:

(1) poet’s or artist’s name as you would like it to appear;(2) e-mail address; (3) street address; (4) title of each poem or piece of artwork submitted; and (5) brief statement of what keeps you awake at night or what you do when you can’t sleep (no x-rating, please).  

Poems and artwork must NOT include identifying information such as name, e-mail address, or street address.  Previously published work is fine provided author/artist retains publication rights.  Note prior publisher for acknowledgement.

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2012

Notification of Acceptance by August 1, 2012 by e-mail.  Poets and artist whose work is selected will receive one contributor’s copy as sole remuneration.  Additional copies will be available for purchase.

Submission shall constitute: (1) representation that the submission is original work and that the creator retains publication rights, and (2) agreement that if the work is accepted for publication, (a) Poetic License Press may, in its sole discretion, publish and promote the work in any medium or forum, and (b) the sole remuneration is one contributor’s copy of A Midnight Snack.


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