Hello everyone!

My name is Theodora Ziolkowski and I am happy to introduce myself as your new poetry and blogging enthusiast for The Frost Place!

Last August (2011), I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Advanced Poetry Seminar at The Frost Place.  At the seminar, I had the pleasure of studying with esteemed, dynamic poets Patrick Donnelly (Director), Adrian Blevins and Blas Falconer.

Working in small workshops with a designated faculty member, the other participants wrote, revised, critiqued and discussed craft to sharpen our poems.  After a series of readings,  daily talks, countless wonderful meals and conversations, the other participants and I were ready to give our own readings of our work in the Henry Holt Barn at The Frost Place.  Does it get more magical than that?!

Collaborating with a remarkable group of talented poet participants and dedicated faculty poets was the highlight of my summer.

I look forward to keeping you posted on what’s going on at The Frost Place!

Until my next post, I encourage you to make yourself a cup of tea (or coffee! or cocoa!) and go write…and write some more!  St. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and who doesn’t love roses and violets? (Unless they’re always red and blue, that is…)

It’s the season of love, so write about it!

As Robert Frost said,  “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.”

So delight yourself–be wise–be in love–go write!

5 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. Welcome, Theodora!

    One of the most stunning poems I’ve ever read which references love is Frost’s “To Earthward.” I think one of The Frost Place faculty members praised it last summer, which prompted me to re-read it.

    Therese L. Broderick
    Albany, NY

  2. hi! i visited the frost place last september & loved it! i’m not a poet thru words but thru my photo’s…i have to admit (.hangs head in total shame) that i didn’t know all that much about frost..other than the usual. poems everyone can name on jeopardy.

    what an amazing place tho…i wandered about, sat on the porch (of course) loved the fireplace, woods, the bedroom..took massive photo’s (which i think came out pretty darn cool) & just felt such peace. it was shortly after irene & there weren’t many tourists around but me so i had the place to myself…

    so peaceful…anyway…just wanted to say i look forward to reading the blog…& next fall when i make the annual schlepp up north i will be back to visit!

    • Yes, do visit in the fall!

      I’ve unfortunately only experienced beautiful Franconia in the summer but I’m hoping to be around to see it glowing in full-foliage come next autumn!

      Thanks for your enthusiasm, Lois!

  3. HI Theodora,

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re involved with The Frost Place. I’ll be there in June with Baron and Dawn. But I hope to see you on the UVM campus long before that.

    Angela Patten

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