Call for Submissions


Hello Frost Place Community!

This is your humble blogger/intern Meredith writing to say welcome to The Frost Place’s first-ever blog! The purpose of this blog is, of course, to foster community, but also to collect work from that community. This is to say that we love you, but we love your work! We want this to be both a space for Frost Place people to interact as well as a resource for Frost Place people.

So! At the moment we’re accepting the following types of submissions:

  • Original, unpublished poems (we’d love poems worked on at The Frost Place, but any recent work is welcome)
  • Photos from The Frost Place
  • Writing prompts
  • Lesson plans for teaching poetry
  • Book recommendations (poetry or about poetry)
  • News related to your life with poetry (forthcoming books, journal/magazine acceptances, news of upcoming poetry events, etc.)

Don’t be shy! We’ll consider everything you send, and more often than not, it will get posted to this blog. Furthermore, this blog is not searchable via search engines like Google, so it shouldn’t jeopardize your ability to get published elsewhere. And please remember to check submission guidelines before sending things in!

Email submissions to me at:


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