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Massachusetts Frost Fans! Check Out this Robert Frost Interactive Performance at Marlborough Public Library.

The Friends of Marlborough Public Library will present “An Evening of Frost,” featuring Stephen Collins, at 7 p.m. Sept. 28 at 35 W. Main St., Marlborough. “An Evening of Frost” is an interactive performance that begins with a brief biographical sketch of the Robert Frost’s life including his formative years on the Derry Farm, his … Continue reading

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Poetry Reading by Deming Holleran

Treasurer and longtime friend of The Frost Place, Deming Holleran, will be reading from her poetry collection, Gypsy Song, on Sunday, October 30th at the Lincoln Public Library in Lincoln, MA. The reading will begin at 2 pm. Disturbance ripples under the surface of these seemingly placid poems, the debut collection of a poet whose thoughtful maturity shines … Continue reading

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The Fire’s Edge by Nancy Richardson Available for Pre-Order

Friend of The Frost Place Nancy Richardson’s poems concern coming of age in the rust-belt of Ohio during a period of decay of the physical and political structures that made the region once solid and predictable.  These are poems that chart the shifting of the foundations upon which a life is built and the unpredictability of … Continue reading

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Smithsonian Magazine Article by Luci Tapahanso, 1995 Dartmouth Poet in Residence

At the beginning of Navajo time, the Holy People (Diyin Dine’é) journeyed through three worlds before settling in Dinétah, our current homeland. Here they took form as clouds, sun, moon, trees, bodies of water, rain and other physical aspects of this world. That way, they said, we would never be alone. Today, in the fourth world, when a Diné (Navajo) baby is born, the umbilical cord is buried near the family home, so the child is connected to its mother and the earth, and will not wander as if homeless. . . Continue reading